Ferplex, Ferlatum, Oligofer (Iron Protein Succinylate): 

FERPLEX is the result of Italian research or, to be more precise, the activities of the Italfarmaco Group R&D department. This medicinal product is indicated for the treatment of absolute or relative iron deficiency conditions, such as latent or manifest iron deficiency anaemia, childhood and adulthood anaemia, anaemia caused by an insufficient intake or absorption of iron, anaemia secondary to acute or chronic bleeding or infectious diseases, and anaemia during pregnancy and lactation. In Ferplex, iron is bound to succinylated milk proteins, forming an iron-protein complex containing the equivalent of 40mg of trivalent iron. Due to its particular solubility profile, iron protein succinylate precipitates in the acidic environment of the stomach, keeping the iron bound to it. In this condition, the iron remains enclosed by the proteins, which prevent it from coming into direct contact with the mucous membrane of the stomach. The iron protein succinylate then resolubilizes in the duodenum due to its alkaline pH, thus allowing the iron to be absorbed by the intestinal mucus while the protein component of the molecule is digested by the pancreatic protease.
In clinical trials conducted on over 4000 patients, through this specific mechanism, Ferplex has been found to be well tolerated in the stomach in over 93% of cases.

Ferplex FOL, Ferlatum FOL, Oligofer FOL (Iron Protein Succinylate + Folinic Acid): 

The preconstituted combination is also the result of Italian research and a proprietary product of Italfarmaco.
The medicinal product is indicated in the prevention and treatment of iron deficiency conditions such as hypochromic or normochromic anaemia, some forms of macrocytic or infantile megaloblastic anaemia, anaemia secondary to an insufficient intake or absorption of iron and an insufficient intake or synthesis of folates; anaemia during pregnancy, the postpartum period or lactation.
Anaemia, particularly during PREGNANCY, due to the increased folate and iron requirement can be improved or normalized by administering folinic acid, together with iron protein succinylate.
Ferplex FOL features an innovative device: the folinic acid is contained in a capsule present inside the cap of the vial. Just before the drug is administered, the user should press on the reservoir cap to solubilize the folinic acid in the iron protein succinylate present in the vial. In this way, the combination is reconstituted immediately before the drug is taken.

Gelistrol 50 micrograms of Estriol/g of vaginal gel

The Italfarmaco research group has also developed and patented for the Gynaecological Therapeutic Area the one and only gel with an extremely low content (0.005%) of Estriol (Gelistrol) for the treatment of vaginal atrophy during the menopause; the special composition of the gel (Carbopol+Polycarbophil) carries the active ingredient in such a way as to guarantee the hydration required by the tissues.


During pregnancy and lactation women have an increased need for some molecules normally present in food, such as Omega-3, vitamins, minerals and trace elements. Natalben is a range of dietary supplements designed to meet women's nutritional requirements from the time when they plan their pregnancy to the end of the breastfeeding period, through the consumption of just one capsule a day (www.natalben.it, Natalben Prima, Natalben Insieme).
In particular, Omega-3 is fundamentally important for a healthy development of the brain of the foetus and is present mainly in fatty fish such as tuna, mackerel and sardines.
The human brain and eyes contain large quantities of docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) and eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA), both forms of Omega-3, and this is why the international organizations such as the European Food Safety Authority and the World Health Organization approve and encourage the use of Omega-3 in expecting mothers.
The quantity of Omega-3 and all the other vitamins and trace elements present in Natalben - and their dosages - conform to the latest, most important international guidelines.


The range of Inositol-based products (Inofert, Inofert Combi, Inofert Plus) is designed to offer differentiated solutions to women with fertility problems attempting to become pregnant. In these clinical situations, Inositol helps to improve the quality of the oocytes and the other fertility parameters. In the polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), a disease that accompanies infertility and whose frequency is increasing rapidly, the beneficial effect of inositol in controlling symptoms is documented by a large and growing amount of clinical information (www.inofert.it).