Organizational model in accordance with Legislative decree no. 231/01

LIFEPHARMA has adopted an organizational, management and control model in conformance with the specifications of Legislative Decree no. 231 of 8th June 2001, which introduced into the Italian legal system the administrative liability of companies for some specific types of crimes when it has been established that they were committed in the company's interest.

In order to conform to this law, companies must set up and adopt:

  • an Organizational, Management and Control model (the Model)
  • an Ethics Code
  • a Supervisory body

On 10th February 2012, the Lifepharma BoD set up a body with the task of supervising the operation of and compliance with the Model (Legislative decree no. 231 of 8th June 2001).

Reports can be sent to:

Model of organization of Lifepharma

Examination of offences

Ethics Code

Whistleblowing Procedure

Whistleblowing Channel



Pharmacovigilance collects and studies the adverse (harmful) events that may occur during a pharmacological treatment so as to assess their frequency, determine whether they are related to the use of the drug, identify possible risk factors for the onset of such adverse events and find methods of preventing their occurrence.

To report an adverse drug reaction and to request medical and scientific information or information on the use of our drugs, you can fill the FORM or call 02 64431.