LIFEPHARMA S.p.A., entirely controlled by ITALFARMACO S.p.A., operates in the pharmaceutical sector, marketing both medicinal products and generic drugs in several areas of the world such as Africa, Central Asia and the Middle and Far East.

In a setting of business logic and fair competition, LIFEPHARMA's mission is to help to improve the quality of life and increase average life expectancy through the marketing of pharmaceutical products and services against the diseases that affect people's health the most. At the same time, by performing its mission, LIFEPHARMA also wishes to contribute to the economic, technological and cultural progress of the countries where it operates.

LIFEPHARMA has been active on the international pharmaceutical market since 1960, promoting and distributing a broad range of products, which are among those best known and most appreciated worldwide. In most cases, it is the holder of the marketing authorisations (over 150 registrations), mainly overseas.

The therapeutic areas of primary interest are:

Our medicinal product portfolio includes antianaemia, anti-inflammatory and central nervous system drugs, plus a full range of "branded generics".