Medicinal products
Medicinal product Active ingredient Form Therapeutic area Pharmacotherapeutic group
Ferplex, Ferlatum Iron protein succinylate 10 vials (40mg/15ml) Gynaecology Antianaemia drugs
FerplexFol, FerlatumFol Iron protein succinylate and calcium folinate 10 vials (40mg + 0.185mg/15ml) Gynaecology Antianaemia drugs
Folidar Tablets Calcium folinate 30 tablets (15mg) Gynaecology Folate deficiency anaemia
Gelistrol Estriol 10g or 30g cream (50mg + applicator) Gynaecology Topical oestrogens
Ifenec Pessaries Econazole 3 or 6 pessaries (150mg) Gynaecology Antifungal agents
Ifenec Vaginal Cream Econazole Cream 1%, 30g Gynaecology Antifungal agents
Natecal D3 Calcium carbonate + Vitamin D3 600 mg + 400 IU chewable tablets Orthopaedics Bone metabolism
Natecal ORO Calcium carbonate + Vitamin D3 600 mg + 400 IU orally disintegrating tablets Orthopaedics Bone metabolism
Flexen Suppositories Ketoprofen 10 or 12 suppositories (100mg) Orthopaedics Anti-inflammatory drugs
Flexen Capsules Ketoprofen 30 capsules (50mg) Orthopaedics Anti-inflammatory drugs
Flexen Ampoules Ketoprofen 6 + 6 ampoules (100mg) Orthopaedics Anti-inflammatory drugs
Flexen Gel Ketoprofen Cream 2.5%, 50 g Orthopaedics Anti-inflammatory drugs
Gliatilin Capsules Choline alfoscerate 14 capsules (400mg) Neurology Nootropic agents
Gliatilin Ampoules Choline alfoscerate 5 ampoules for injection (1000mg/4ml) Neurology Nootropic agents
Trimedat Oral Suspension Trimebutine Suspension (250ml/1500g) Gastroenterology Antispastic agents
Trimedat Capsules Trimebutine 20 capsules (150mg) Gastroenterology Antispastic agents
Farmodoxi Doxycycline 10 tablets (100mg) Infectiology Antibiotics
Gemapaxane Enoxaparin 2000 IU 0,2ml 6 pre-filled syringes
4000 IU 0,4ml 6 pre-filled syringes
6000 IU 0,6ml 6 pre-filled syringes
Cardiovascular Antithrombotics
Generic drugs
Generic drugs Active ingredient Form Therapeutic area Pharmacotherapeutic group
Clotrimazole Vaginal Cream Clotrimazole Cream 2%, 50 g + applicator Gynaecology Antifungal agents
Clotrimazole Cream (for topical use) Clotrimazole Cream 1%, 20g Dermatology/Gynaecology Antifungal agents
Clotrimazole Vaginal Inserts Clotrimazole 6 inserts, 100mg + applicator Gynaecology Antifungal agents
Nystatin Oral Suspension Nystatin 30 ml suspension (100,000 IU/ml Gastrointestinal system and metabolism Antifungal agents
Nystatin Cream Nystatin 60g cream, 25.000IU/g + applicator Gynaecology Antifungal agents
Nystatin Ointment Nystatin 30g ointment (100.000IU/g) Gynaecology Antifungal agents
Nystatin Vaginal Inserts Nystatin 15 inserts (100.000IU) Gynaecology Antifungal agents
Erythromycin Oral Suspension Erythromycin 100ml suspension (100 or 200mg/ml) Infectiology Macrolide antibiotics
Nalidixic Acid Oral Suspension Nalidixic acid 100ml suspension (300mg/5ml) Infectiology Quinolone antibacterial agents
Dietary supplements
Medicinal product Active ingredient Form Therapeutic area Pharmacotherapeutic group
Natalben Supra Omega-3 dietary supplement 30 tablets Gynaecology Dietary supplements
Inofolic Inositol and folic acid 30 soluble sachets Gynaecology Dietary supplements